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    By using software to turn your idea into a tangible reality.
  • Connect Your Business

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    With real time data to provide a

    close pulse on your business.
  • Connect Your Business with Connect···IO

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    From heartbreaking technology hacks.
  • Connect Your Business with Connect···IO

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    With technology that streamlines business processes.
  • Connect Your Business with Connect···IO

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What is


Who are we and
how do we help?

Connect···IO is an outsourced technology and software development company which helps small to mid-size businesses by:

  • Streamlining your systems/processes, saving you time, money and hassle
  • Helping you make an impact on the world, by turning your software ideas into a tangible reality
  • Recovering and protecting your business from heartbreaking hacks that could be detrimental
  • Helping you scale with real time data to keep a close pulse on your business
  • Keep your business tech savvy and relevant in a competitive digital age
  • Implementing safeguards to protect you from exposure to risks like ransomware, etc.
  • Providing an outsourced technology arm for fixing glitches

Connect···IO is a strategic technology company that thrives on creating lasting solutions and makes life easier for small businesses.

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Connect···IO is for you if:

  • You're struggling to solve a technology problem that seems impossible
  • You feel tied to your business and long for more freedom in your life
  • You feel like no one is fixing the issue
  • You want to use software to turn your idea into a tangible reality
  • You want to add features to improve sales on your Ecommerce website
  • You're thinking, "How can I make this Ecommerce site earn more money?"
  • You want a technology company that can create a rapid ROI while curing your headaches


Personal Freedom with Connect···IO


With real time data to provide a close pulse on your business. Businesses who have access to their financials can manage productivity, and costs from afar. Giving you the ability to scale and grow your business while having freedom to do the things you want. You can keep track and monitor your business from anywhere and still have the active income your business gives. With Connect···IO anything is possible.

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ConnectIO Wow

Amplify Productivity

With technology that streamlines business processes, you’ll be able to work on the other sides of the business, rather than worrying about the system administration side. When you cut out the laborious manual tasks, you’ll be able to reduce man-hours, speed up the process and operate more efficiently. The additional time created can go to strategic planning and growth, leading to an expanded presence in the marketplace. Each individual can work at what they are best at and yield more results than ever seemed possible.

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Get a real-life experiential case study that reveals how technology support can triple your ecommerce revenue in 90 days.

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How Connect···IO makes life better!

Making Life Better

Making Life Better

Making Life Better

  • "Saved labor costs for more important tasks, and discovered a streamlined process for scanning documents." - Brent
  • "Revive/still use our older software even if it is outdated and quits working after an upgrade." - Brent
  • "Transition our software to host in the cloud, so you can submit your reports directly." - Brent
  • "It's definitely allowed me to work on the other sides of the business, rather than worrying about the system administration side of things." - Don
  • "When the servers went down, they helped us solve so we didn't have to hire a full-time system administrator, or a team of them!" - Don
  • "With a fast automated easy approach, our technology solution eliminated laborious manual efforts and cut down man-hours so we could run more efficiently and save a lot of time. That's probably the biggest advantage." - Will
  • "Because he's saving us time, we don't have to have to have as many employees - that definitely saves us on overhead costs." - Will
  • "The owner brought in a good team, got stuff done and got it running. There were customers on it! It just worked better. We could auto-board merchants to a platform or take raw data from a platform. They made it a better analytics system and wrote the connections, which no one else was doing, so it got done and in short order." - Bruce

Connect···IO Testimonials


What Others Are Saying

  • "When working with Connect-IO, nothing was off limits. Everything was available to be looked at and considered. A lot of times, things require unconventional solutions because of an unconventional situation. That's kind of their specialty." - Brent
  • "I've worked with Connect-IO wherever possible since then. I'm using their services to provide solutions to my clients. It's opened me up to do more for people than I ever could before." - Brent
  • "The more you learn about what the company does, the harder it is to answer these questions. It's like asking, 'Well, what can I use the sun for?' The answer is, 'Everything! It provides you food and gives you life.' That's a big question, asking what they can do for you. I've been consulting in IT for a long time. I have a 'Skin-Level Knowledge'. Everything I've learned, I've learned in the trenches with a client breathing over my shoulder, wondering if I can fix it. Their experts fill in all the gaps that I have. Not to be too cheesy, but they complete me." - Brent
  • "We were having trouble with previous software development, and it was staling our progress. Once we completed our project with Connect-IO, we saw an increase in revenue. The quicker we can make these changes, the better, because we're seeing extra revenue and profits. Inexperienced companies will drag it out and prolong your ability to collect your returns. We basically tripled our conversion rate after their design. It was relatively the same traffic, so it wasn't like we brought in more traffic and then had more sales. It was the same traffic volume, but our conversion rate tripled. That was a major plus." - Neal
  • "There are some pretty smart guys on their team. I like the overall intelligence. The owner has worked in artificial intelligence and is able to engage in conversation on multiple levels. Even the guys I work with everyday on the website are very detailed. When we do an implementation, they give good instructions and make it easy to comprehend. They use graphics to point at certain specifics so I can scan over it and understand it easily." - Neal
  • "I can communicate in a way that gives their guys a clear understanding of what I want. I can lay out a project and know that they understand what I want. They have an idea of what it's going to be and are committed to getting it done within the projected budget. If there was a misunderstanding, he would usually take responsibility for that. I have way more confidence in the job getting done within the budget. It's all laid out on the front-end." - Pat
  • "The greatest benefit to me is that it worked as planned. It was done in a timely manner so I have total trust. Here are five words for them: Reliable, Creative, Genius, Endless, Trust. They can make anything a reality when it comes to programming and development." - Pat
  • "Connect-IO's approach to a project is well thought-out before they start keying the first line of code. It's storyboarded out with wireframes. There is a map. That seems like a logical way to do development, instead of winging it. It's a strong approach - I wouldn't change anything. They sit and listen, repeat it back and write it up. If you both agree with the plan that's written up, they'll get started. There's no ambiguity." - Bruce
  • "The owner is very methodical and thorough. He's like a man on a mission all the time. He says what needs to be said, which is good. What he says is what he's going to do." - Bruce
  • "I had a second client who scans maybe 100,000 document per month. Once of their clients has thousands of documents with a very specialized barcode at the beginning and end of each set. I know quite a bit about barcoding, but not enough for this scenario. Normally I would have had to tell them I couldn't help them, but in this case I called Connect-IO. They contacted the client, who is now using a machine-learning algorithm they wrote to scan the documents without an issue - and without spending $6,000 per year on specialized software." - Brent
  • "I can tell you that the look on my head accountant's face when I told her I could take this software and host it in the cloud, allowing her to submit reports directly to clients, was unforgettable. Her eyes lit up, like a toddler looking at fresh ice cream. I said, 'Oh yeah, I can do that! I should have done it sooner.' Then I turn to Micah and say, 'Micah, help! I just promised this thing - can you do it for me?' He says, 'Sure.' Now, I put together a proposal for a client. When the owner gives us approval, then we'll pull the trigger and put it up. He's even willing to put my logo on it - white label everything. There's little else I enjoy about this work as much as providing a unique solution to a unique scenario." - Brent
  • "They were full-service and had a lot of experience and background with the whole realm. They know a lot of the crafts of the trade and it was a great fit. They do a lot for us in one shot. Any problem we're having, they can beat it. The team is very talented and can do everything!" - Chris
  • "Chris is pretty tech-savvy but it frees him up to do the creative work and the marketing - actually it frees up a lot of our team. It streamlines things. The other thing I like about their team is that they know how to put high-tech things into layman's terms and educate people. They make it simple but don't make you feel stupid. Other programmers don't mean to come off as condescending, but they assume everyone knows what they're talking about. I never get that vibe from this team." - Renee
  • "They care about their customers so much. They care. They don't feel like a vendor trying to sell you another thing. It feels like they're on your side and looking out for your bottom-line. They're a part of the overall vision. They get excited about the projects and ask for updates. They're also very responsive to our employees when they have tech needs and have always responded in a timely manner. It's like they're part of the team - just one layer outside of it. They come in and set up everything and work side-by-side with our own employees." - Chris and Renee

Are They Qualified?

Qualified Personnel?

Making Life Better

How do you know if
you hired the right programming team who can use software to turn your dream into a reality?

Consider these important points:

Are they qualified?

Can they think reductively to analyze a problem? That is, do they have the correct foresight to plan the architecture for the future?

Do they possess the skills to develop simple code for the future?

  • Do they have the ability to reduce from complex to simple?
  • Do they have the ability to correctly plan for the future?
  • Do they have the ability to execute that plan?

Perhaps most important, do you feel an emotional connection with the team and trust that they understand your needs?

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