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Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Connect-AI is designed to curate social media posts from articles that pertain to your specific industry. It does this by finding the top engaging articles in your field, determines the most relevant, summarizes, curates, and posts an intelligent summary of that article to your social media pages. Using data that shows when most users in your market are active on social media, Connect-AI will also post during the most active times to help ensure that our articles will see the best traffic.

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Social Media Automation

Connect-AI, is not a one size fits all tool. Each variation is trained specifically to your company and field. This will ensure that each post is relevant to your company and field. You will never have to worry about forgetting to post, or struggling to find articles. This will save you time, energy, and money!

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Directed Content

Sites that are currently being monitored

Social Statistics

Page Views, click rate and new visitors

Engagement Demographics

Age, gender and engagement rate for your audience

Areas of Engagement

Hotspot heat map of where social activity is originating from

Our Customers Love Us

"Why hire a social media manager? This is great!"

"I can't believe how much time this saves me and my team. This allows me time to grow my business before having to hire a full time social media manager."

Lisa Stanwich

Chief Executive Officer

"Working with the team at Connect-IO has been outstanding!"

"What they provide to all small business owners is tons of great services. With running my company, it was important to me to streamline all my processes. ConnectIO's custom software solutions was the best fit for what I needed. Technology can be very complex and the entire team worked with me and provided me with clear directions. We are currently working on a new app and excited to see the final result. Their expertise and knowledge has been beyond wonderful! Give them a call today and get your business running better than ever!"

Thomas Evans

Owner/Operator of

"Winner Winner
Chicken Dinner"

"I don't know why I didn't buy this sooner. It's so much easier to get my business recognized without taking time away from actually running my business."

David Pikar

Home Business Owner

Connect-AI Guide

Download our guide on how Connect AI works or click here for more information on how Connect AI can add new life to your business.

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