Managed Services

Managed Services

Continuously improve and expand your online presence with the use of a managed services provider. We work with every client to ensure that they receive the exposure that they want. These managed services are offered through our professionals so that they can easily see what is happening to your business online and then provide the best course of action to take based on their findings.

Managed Services are Important

Know what services your company could capitalize on when we take a look. These services can not only improve the quality of the website, but they can also work to provide the essential functions needed to grow.

When a business uses these managed services, they find that they make things easier not only for themselves, but for those customers and clients that they work with.

As a managed services provider, not only can we find those areas that the services are needed in but we can provide and apply them, as well.

Connect-IO located in Phoenix, AZ is a leader in the industry and continues to find ways to improve the technology in all of the areas that need improvement.

Operate at optimal capacity and see the results happen right before your eyes. Enjoy the benefits of having a company that works for you and sees the potential in how you can grow in the near future.

Reduce Stress by Contacting Connect-IO for your Managed Service Needs

Contact Connect-IO today to find out how these services can easily help you get ahead of the competition while helping you reduce the stress and time that it is taking everyone in the company to do so. We work to build a better tomorrow not only for your clients, but for your business.

Grow with us, as we grow with you and together we can provide the best working relationship that helps your company prosper with the best technology.

From small business to mid-sized corporation, let us work with you to provide the right IT solution.
Cloud Hosting
Managed IT

Cloud hosting is storing your information at another location. Instead of keeping your servers in house where they can be tampered with and vulnerable to unforeseen disasters. A Cloud solution mitigates system failures so your company can continue to work. Our cloud hosting products are secured, reduces operating cost and monitored 24/7. Some of the benefits of cloud hosting include:

  • Reduce equipment on computer network.
  • Access data anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Adapt easily to increase in network traffic.
Server Support
Managed IT

Networking is complicated. The Connect-IO team is here to help. Our team of network experts will set up your company's network in a quick timely manner. In addition, we offer a full range of server support services:

  • Proactive continuously performs network monitoring, routing system administration, and security updates.
  • Virtual Servers which reduces cost and maximizes storage for your company's data.
  • Windows and Linux Server Support.
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Managed IT

The digital age resulted with all administrative work done electronically. We provide different methods to backup and secure your data. When disaster occurs, Connect-IO will minimize downtime so you can get back to work. Some of the different options we offer to fit your needs:

  • Converting legacy data into secured modern data solutions.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly backups plans.
  • Background data backups.
  • Rapid data recovery.
  • Unique disaster recovery options.
IT Help-Desk Support
Managed IT

Make Connect-IO your one stop shop for IT support. A help desk is the primary way for users to interact with our IT team to fix IT issues. We provide multiple IT help desk support according to your needs such as:

  • Remote Support - Instantly resolve IT issues at your computer.
  • On-Site Support - Our expert team travels to your business location and resolves your IT issues.
  • Hardware, Software and Networking Repair.
  • 24/7 Support.