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if you feel:

  • Having an idea in your head of a program, but not have the tools or resources. Seeking a person/team who can make it a reality
  • Your industry is an explicit target of random cyber attack - rather than soft targets or random targets
  • You still have paper invoicing, paper accounting, cutting checks by hand and want to save time
  • You're not in the digital world yet, but know you need to be to stay competitive
  • You struggle with technology glitches, like unable to open files, unable to access email
  • You need affordable technology support without having to hire an in-house tech team
  • You've got missing shipment in your current Ecommerce system and you want to save time, labor and immediate monetary cost
  • Your emails aren't syncing correctly or your pages aren't loading
  • You need an inventory system put in place to help check productivity and accountability
  • You need some expertise developing a complex website or Ecommerce site.
  • You don't have in-house programmers and need a technology team
  • You need customization for a check out issue and want to create flexibility within a custom design
  • You're suffering from a ransom-ware attack
  • You were hacked and lost a lot of data
  • You need more time and want to cut laborious manual processes out of your work day
  • You're a small company without a full time systems administrator and need a team to handle this piece as well as manage your servers on a contract basis
  • You want things to run efficiently